About Cristopher Rogers

Cristopher Rogers

Cristo is a millennial with a knack for writing about the "health and wellness" challenges we all face - he's unafraid to discuss and debate delicate matters of substantial importance that many want to ignore. Cristo, no doubt, is an avid advocate for Revitin® Natural Cristopher RogersToothpaste.

Cristo is not necessarily "anti-establishment" but it's true he does not trust big corporations or traditional brands with a history of lying and deceiving.

His main focus? In addition to calling out traditional brand toothpaste for harming the public, Cristo is all about promoting practical solutions grounded in untainted research.

The young Mr. Rogers is known for his insightful articles that resonate with the millennial generations. To some, he may seem provocative and edgy, but to most, his work is relatable, practical, with a thread of "enthralling."

He views himself as an average guy who enjoys digging into mainstream notions to dispell myths and misconceptions but always provides a practical, and useful solutions.

Cristo is also an environment-conscious athlete (former MMA fighter), musician, artist, poet, and writer. To his family, he is a loving son, brother, and advocate they call "Cristo!"