Revitin® Oral Therapy Based on NuPath® Bioactives

Research has shown that our mouth is much like an organic garden, including helpful friendly bacteria all contributing to keeping a balanced and healthy environment. And that's what Revitin™ Oral Therapy with NuPath® BioActives supports, a healthy mouth!

NuPath® BioActives Supports, a Clean and Healthy Mouth!

What do you think, is our mouth like an organic garden? Certainly, like an organic garden, our mouth depends upon helpful friendly bacteria in order to enjoy a balanced and healthy environment. Unless there is a health environment our mouth is suspectable to disease. So, it's kind of important. Revitin™ Oral Therapy with NuPath® BioActives is designed to clean and whiten your teeth while supporting a healthy mouth!

Revitin's NuPath® Bioactives respect and work with the natural ecology of the mouth and feed the needs of the cells. The conventional approaches to managing unhealthy oral environments by using detergents and antimicrobials to clean and disinfect, completely wipe out the good bacteria that our mouths need.

"Since our oral cavity is an extension of our digestive system, it makes sense to use Revitin™ prebiotic toothpaste withNuPath® Bioactives."

Revitin® supports a healthy and balanced microbiome. The patented formulation of vitamins, enzymes, and minerals cleans your teeth and encourages the growth of beneficial flora.

It’s a difference you can feel!

Revitin® is safe enough to eat, environmentally friendly, and provides more of the benefits you need: whiter teeth, stronger enamel, better protection against inflammation, and long-lasting, fresh breath.

According to the latest research, Revitin® is the most significant advancement in oral health care in over 60 years. Unlike other toothpaste, (most of which have a poison warning on the label), Revitin™ is safe enough to ingest and contains no harsh detergents or chemicals.

Founder and Inventor, Dr. Gerry Curatola reports, "Revitin™ Oral Therapy works with the natural defenses in the mouth. We like to think of it as a conditioner for the gums, which is especially important these days when so many are using strong chemicals to whiten their teeth. These teeth whitening chemicals, especially when used at home, can cause potential damage to the gums, so it makes sense to condition your teeth naturally with Revitin®."

Revitn's Natural Toothpaste Ingredients

Revitin® All Natural Ingredients: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, CoQ-10, and Cranberry Extract. Revitin® oral therapy system contains a patented and proprietary formula, NuPath® Bioactives. This patent gives Revitin®  exclusive use of CoQ-10 and Vitamin C in oral care products.

Prebiotic Formulation: Supports enamel strength, fresh breath, immune function, digestion. Our oral microbiome is essential for our wellbeing. Revitin® is the first and only oral care formulation that successfully balances the oral microbiome to its naturally healthy state.

Revitin™ - The Natural Way to Balance Oral Microbiome 

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Craig Rogers
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