Dental Hygiene & Proper Oral Care is the Beginning of a Healthy Smile

First things first.... Good dental hygiene and proper oral health care are the two most important elements to maintaining healthy teeth and gums - period. Good old fashion "oral health care," like brushing and flossing of your teeth and gums, is the first line of prevention and cannot be overstated. Plus, practicing good dental hygiene will help you overcome bad breath, dry mouth, cold sores, and many other disorders of the mouth, teeth, and gums. 

The Secret to Enjoying the Benefits of a Health Smile

What is the secret to enjoying a life-long healthy smile? Proper Dental Hygiene! It's really that simple. If you are disciplined to properly care for your teeth and gums, you probably avoid costly and painful professional dental services in the first place. 

"...Through correct dental hygiene, each of us can greatly reduce or even eliminate the need of a dentist to perform invasive dental treatment..."

To tell the truth, if we just practice good dental hygiene and visits our dentist at least four times per year, we won't need to worry about the advancements in dental care because we won't need them.

Please Note: Invasive treatments are dental procedures that involve gingival tissue, tooth extractions, surgery, or placement of dental implants, among many other things.

Make Wise Choices About Your Oral Health

Half the battle is won if you have information to make wise choices about your oral health. Therefore, because of the advancements in dental care, your goal should be to achieve and maintain a beautiful smile. 

By improving and maintaining the health of your teeth and gums, you automatically improve your body's overall health. What's more, if you ask those who have had recent dental work to improve or fix a nasty dental problem, they will tell you that a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums will also lead to major improvements in your life in general.

"... If you are practicing good dental hygiene, then advancements in the science and art of dental care are almost meaningless, because you won't be needing them. Nothing will ever be as important as the proper daily care of your teeth and gums..." 

We hope that the next time you visit your dentist you ask him/her about the advancements in dentistry. Hopefully, he or she will take the time to explain the new treatment options, as well as to inform you with the latest advancements in preventative care.

If not, we recommend that you find a new dentist, perhaps someone who will eagerly share the latest improvements in dentistry, dental materials, and oral prevention care. You can also switch your toothpaste brand to Revitin® Natural Toothpaste!

Revitin® Natural Toothpaste with NuPath® BioActives Supports a Clean and Healthy Mouth!

Revitin® Natural Toothpaste, with NuPath® Bioactives, contains a replenishing, patented formulation of natural ingredients. This gives Revitin® the exclusive, proprietary use of a restorative formula in its oral care products; which includes Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Cranberry Extract, and CoQ-10.

"Our research has shown that our mouth is much like an organic garden, including helpful friendly bacteria all contributing to keeping a balanced and healthy environment. And that's what Revitin™ Oral Therapy with NuPath® BioActives supports, a healthy mouth!"

What do you think, is our mouth like an organic garden? Certainly, like an organic garden, our mouth depends upon helpful, friendly bacteria to enjoy a balanced and healthy environment. Unless there is a health environment, our mouth is suspectable to disease. So, it's kind of important. Revitin™ Oral Therapy with NuPath® BioActives is designed to clean and whiten your teeth while supporting a healthy mouth!

Revitin's NuPath® Bioactives respect and work with the natural ecology of the mouth and feed the needs of the cells. Contrarily, conventional toothpaste destroys our natural ecology and creates an unhealthy oral environment. Conventional toothpaste brands are packed with detergents and antimicrobials to clean and disinfect our teeth and mouth - and while doing so they completely wipe out the good bacteria that our mouth and body need.

"Since our oral cavity is an extension of our digestive system, it makes sense to use Revitin™ prebiotic toothpaste withNuPath® Bioactives."

Revitin® supports a healthy and balanced microbiome. The patented formulation of vitamins, enzymes, and minerals cleans your teeth and encourages the growth of beneficial flora. For more information about Revitin® Natural Toothpaste, click here.