What is Modern Dentistry?

Modern dentistry is first a "science," then a "technology," and finally, it is an "art form" that requires special training and skill development. Modern dentistry involves medical science and medical procedures, and both are focused on the prevention and treatment of our dental parts, including our mouth, gums, and teeth. Dentistry also involves the diagnosing of gum and tooth disease. However, modern day dentistry is much more!

Modern Dentistry is Not What Your Parent's Experienced - The New Dental World

Today, dentists do it all. Today's modern dental practices offer both routine and comprehensive dentistry procedures. Using the latest technological advancements, modern dental practices jumped light years in the proper dental hygiene, cavity detection, treatment of diseased teeth and gums, and other advanced oral care services. 

Modern dentists, equipped with the latest high-tech tools, materials, and techniques are able to clean our teeth, treat our gum and tooth infections, fill our cavities, repair our broken teeth, rehabilitate our tooth abnormalities, apply our crowns and bridges when needed, apply veneers to make our smile beautiful, and if that is not enough they now are the best source to whiten our teeth. Most importantly, the modern dentist is the best source to heal our damaged, diseased, or infected gums (periodontal disease). 

"... Modern dentistry is the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases, disorders, and conditions of the oral cavity, and NOW, modern day dentistry includes the overall health and wellness of your entire body as it relates to your mouth..."

The modern dentist uses advanced technology to keep our smile beautiful! The use of modern dental technology has sped up most dental procedures. What used to take forever, now can be done in a single visit.

Modern dental practices employ new technologies such as Digital X-Rays, CEREC® CAD/CAM single-visit crowns, and many other dental procedures. The results? Most dental treatments are now are safer, faster, and less invasive than the dentistry of your parents.

Modern Dentistry Provides the Following Types of Dental Care Services

Dental Hygiene: Periodic dental checkups with the dental hygienist is the foundation to good oral health. Dental hygienists are the first line of defense as they provide deep cleaning and other types of preventative care. The more your dental hygienist can have access to your teeth and gums the earlier he/she can discover the early signs of trouble which saves you time, money, and a lot of avoidable pain and discomfort.

Fillings: Modern dentists still perform tooth repairs, only now they are armed with the latest filling materials. The new filling materials are safer, and they have a variety of colors to make a perfect match with your teeth. Today's fillings last longer too! Most importantly, today's fillings are better at preventing the spread of infection. When a tooth that is damaged by decay, fracture, or improper wear is filled properly, the healthy surrounding teeth are given a dose of protection too.

Dental Crowns: Crowns are dental devices designed to restore a tooth (or teeth) after damage or removal. A crown is made to replace damaged teeth. The remarkable thing about modern dentistry is that today's crowns perfectly match the shape, size, and strength of the teeth they are replacing.

Emergency Dentistry: Many modern dental practices provide an elevated emergency dental service to avoid unnecessary delays in treatment when emergency dental issues arise.

Root Canals: Whenever a tooth is severely damaged or decayed to the point where the tooth must be saved, modern dentists provide endodontic treatment, which is also known as a "root canal." The good news about modern dentistry is that dentists can now save teeth that could not be saved years ago, and there is less invasive treatment and better pain management options.

Teeth Whitening: Whitening your teeth through a dentist will improve the brightness of your natural teeth. We recommend that you only whiten your teeth through your dentist or dental hygienist.

Teeth Veneers: People choose veneers when they are looking for an immediate and long-lasting improvement in their smile. Today's veneers are thinner, stronger, and easier to apply. Veneers are custom-fitted and wafer-thin made of tooth-colored porcelain.

Oral Surgery: Need your wisdom teeth taken out?While the removal of wisdom teeth is the most well-known type of oral surgery, there are other types of oral surgery performed by your modern dentist.

Orthodontic Services: Braces, an orthodontic device applied to your teeth in order to straighten teeth or correct bad bites.

Modern Dentists Recommend Revitin® Natural Toothpaste

The danger of using fluoride toothpaste is gaining greater attention because modern dentists are educating their patients. Modern dental practices are promoting natural and organic toothpaste alternatives. Not only are they safer, they are more effective at preventing tooth decay and gum disease when compared to commercial brand toothpaste.

It used to be that finding a fluoride free toothpaste that provides enamel strengthening while supporting good oral health is like finding a needle in a haystack. But everything changed when Revitin hit the market.

"...Revitin® is a non-fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate free toothpaste, which supports oral health by encouraging the growth of healthy oral bacteria..."

Not only does Revitin® toothpaste provide an incredible cleaning and long lasting fresh breath, it also is the best toothpaste for folks commitment to live a healthy "chemical-free" lifestyle. Revitin® is a safe fluoride free natural toothpaste that is popular with kids, adolescents, and adults. However, the fact that Revitin® is the only choice for parents looking for effect fluoride-free alternative toothpaste.

Revitin® approaches oral care in a revolutionary way. Working to support our mouth's natural defenses against cavities and bad breath, Revitin gets the job done without pumping our mouth and body with harsh cancer-causing chemicals.

Revitin® contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants that work together to encourage the growth and presence of your mouth's natural bacteria. In this way, Revitin® fluoride-free toothpaste provides a superior cleaning experience, all the while our mouth biome is supported rather than diminished.

When our oral microbiome is balanced, everything seems to work just the way it was designed. Our teeth and gums are healthy, and tooth decay and gum disease is kept at bay naturally. Popular commercial brand toothpaste might be effective cleaning agents, but in the process of cleaning our teeth, they also destroy (nuke) the oral microbiome. Destroying the microbiome can cause major health problems including cancer.

"...Revitin® Natural Toothpaste helps to repair and strengthen our teeth's enamel. As the minerals formulated in Revitin® react with our saliva the natural healing properties of Revitin® go to work..." 

For as powerful and effective as it is, Revitin® is made for everyone. First, Revitin® is an organic fluoride-free toothpaste that is SAFE FOR KIDS. Revitin® is also a perfect choice for people with sensitive teeth, and those who suffer from mouth sores aggravated by most brand toothpaste. Lastly, Revitin® is perfect for those insistent on using organic products only, Vegans, and others who are concerned about what they put in their body and the impact it has overall their general health and well-being.  

For more information about Revitin® Natural Toothpaste, click here.