What is Oral Biofilm and How is it Connected to Oral Disease?

What is Oral Biofilm and How is it Connected to Oral Disease?

Here is something new and novel in Oral Health Care: Rather than treating oral biofilm as an “enemy,” we should treat it as if it is the “solution.” Oral Biofilm can be the source of some major oral health problems. It also is the cause of plaque buildup and bad breath. However, when we consider oral biofilm as being intelligently designed which serves a vital purpose, we will no longer consider “nuking” it with toothpaste. What’s more, we will no longer consider taking the “scorched earth” approach to killing all bacteria in our mouth.

What is Biofilm and Does it Cause Oral Disease?

Biofilm is the environment where many species of bacteria can live and thrive. Oral biofilm is a substance that forms on the teeth and houses bacteria, both good and bad. Free-swimming bacterial cells land on a surface, arrange themselves in clusters, and attach, thus forming a biofilm.

Oral biofilm forms when bacteria adhere to surfaces in the mouth, such as our teeth and gums. The bacteria clusters within the biofilm, if allowed to grow, will create a gluelike substance that food particles stick to. The food particles become food for the bad bacteria in our mouth. If untreated, this oral biofilm can become problematic plaque that forms on our teeth and causes tooth decay and periodontal disease - and much more.

However, by treating oral biofilm as the "solution" we change our approach to oral biofilm. By helping to supply good oral bacteria with key nutrients in specific ratios we can keep the balance of bacteria within the oral biofilm at normal ranges. As long as the oral microbiome is within the proper range, good bacteria can be used to prevent tooth decay and disease. Meaning, we can work with the good bacteria to control the bad bacteria.

"By treating oral biofilm as a factor that plays a critical role in our oral and systemic health, it changes everything about how we approach Oral and Systemic Health Care."

Although gum disease (infection and inflammation) is created by certain bacteria living in oral biofilm, it can be prevented or controlled by proper oral hygiene (toothbrushing, flossing, rinsing), especially if you use Revitin Oral Therapy Toothpaste.

Revitin™ Oral Care nourishes the helpful, friendly, odorless bacteria that constitute a balanced oral biofilm; keeping the mouth from degenerating into an unbalanced state, which can cause an oral breakdown. Use of Revitin™ has been shown to promote a clear, thin, slippery oral biofilm that helps teeth feel smooth and clean hours after brushing, even overnight. Where gums are robustly resistant to the challenges that lead to puffiness and bleeding, Revitin nourishes and promotes healthier gums.  

The conventional method used to control the harmful bacteria in biofilm is the use of toothpaste and mouthwashes laced with chemotherapeutic agents. This is not good. Unfortunately, these antibacterial agents (i.e., Chlorhexidine, triclosan) kill ALL the bacteria in the oral biofilm, including the vital “good bacteria.” While killing the harmful bacteria will reduce problematic plaque and gingivitis, it will also kill the good bacteria, causing all kinds of new problems.

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