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The Revitin® Story

Every great idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: Toothpaste is ineffective. Conventional
approaches to clean and disinfect the mouth disrupt the good bacteria that we need to stay healthy.

So we asked, “why are oral care products, even natural products, focused on killing bacteria?”
It turns out there is a simple explanation. The oral care industry was developed by companies that offered
solutions which kill all germs in the mouth. This is an improvement over doing nothing, but we believe it’s
simplistic, archaic and a long way from optimal. Just as the digestive tract needs healthy bacteria, the mouth
needs a healthy ecology, a strong microbiome for optimal health. See our Microbiome U. for details.

By discarding traditional antimicrobial approaches and leveraging our knowledge on oral microbiome
science, we are able to provide a safer, higher-quality, and more effective toothpaste. Revitin® fosters a
balanced, healthy oral ecology that supports strong white teeth and healthy clean gums.
We believe that everyone has the right to a healthy lifestyle.