Revitin® represents a paradigm shift within the oral care industry.

Our Company

Revitin® represents a paradigm shift within the oral care industry. Revitin® is a life science company focused on proper oral health and overall systemic health and wellness. Founded by world-renowned Integrative Dentist Dr. Gerry Curatola, Revitin® is the world’s first and only oral care formulation that successfully balances the oral microbiome to its natural, healthy state.

Most commercial brands manufacturing oral care products use a detergent-based formulation containing various antimicrobial agents. These chemicals and agents are designed to kill bacteria and disrupt/eradicate bacterial plaque. Analogous to the use of pesticides, the formulation of detergent-based chemicals, combined with antimicrobial agents, is the traditional method of choice for the makers of most commercial toothpaste brands.

Our Mission

From the beginning, the Revitin® mission was clear. Provide a safe, natural toothpaste alternative that delivers better results. Committed to moving beyond the outdated antimicrobial approach to toothpaste formulation, Dr. Curatola and Dr. David Shuch leveraged their knowledge on oral microbiome science; resulting in the birth of Revitin®, the world’s first prebiotic toothpaste.

The Revitin® Oral Therapy company has invested 15 years in the research and development of Revitin®. The manifestation of their dream and vision is Revitin® toothpaste; an effective oral therapy product, forged by a patented, proprietary formula called NuPath® Bioactives. The NuPath® Bioactives patent gives Revitin® the exclusive use of key antioxidants that balance the natural ecology of the mouth.

Dr. Gerry Curatola

Revitin® founder, Dr. Gerry Curatola, is a world-renowned Integrative Dentist, Associate Professor at New York University, clinical practitioner, and media personality, author, and humanitarian. Dr. Curatola is recognized as the top doctor in his field, as well the dentist to A-list entertainers, models, and professional athletes, all of whom trust Dr. Gerry with their smiles.

Dr. Curatola’s prowess in dentistry, combined with his personal interest in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), led to the birth of his integrative dental care philosophy. Integrative Dentistry takes into consideration the connection of the mouth, body, and spirit. Curatola has been awarded the NYU Action Medal for outstanding contributions to New York University, and selected into Strathmore’s Who’s Who among business professionals.

Our Research in Oral Care

Research conducted by the Human Microbiome Project, shows the conventional approach to toothpaste formulation (harsh chemicals with antimicrobial agents) is not only ineffectual but harmful. The traditional formulation of toothpaste has resulted in sub-par efficacy, as products looking to kill bacteria or destroy plaque fail to create a sustainable, healthy oral environment. This “pesticide” approach to oral care results in an environment that is more susceptible to disease.

Consumer Education and Acceptance

Until the development of Revitin®, there has been no significant positive innovation in toothpaste for over 60 years. New research has dramatically changed our understanding of oral care and its relationship to systemic diseases. Yet, current manufacturers have failed to modify their outdated approaches. As a result of the outdated formulation of toothpaste and the use of harsh chemicals with antimicrobial agents, half of the American adult population suffers from periodontal disease (gum disease).

Many studies have linked periodontal disease to increased risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and problematic pregnancies. Recent evidence shows a relationship between periodontal disease and pneumonia, chronic kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis, cognitive impairment, and cancer. Unfortunately, not enough people know the risk of using commercial toothpaste brands loaded with harsh chemicals. Revitin® and its prebiotic formulation is the natural solution!