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  • revitin

    I tried this and a new brush at the same time. My teeth feel like I went to the dentist and had them cleaned! I have been going through brushes like crazy trying to get visible tarter off my teeth. And it's the same old scolding when I see the dentist too- not brushing, flossing, or rinsing properly. A functional/holistic doctor I went to for an unrelated condition suggested Revitin paste as well as using a super soft super dense bristle brush. (10k bristles minimum + super soft.) I kid you not, I'm seeing and feeling a huge difference after only 3 uses. I see my dentist in three more days. He's going to hear about this!! Why did I hear about Revitin and nano brushes from a functional/holistic doctor and not my dentist!! (My first time with funtional/holistic doctor too. I think I'll keeping going to that doctor.) And I want to beg NO changes be made to your formula Revitin. People fighting certain diseases have a hard time finding flouride-free paste that also doesn't contain xylitol. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Grateful- to the point of tears. Lives depend on formulas like this.

    LunaRae W

  • This excellent tasting product, though 3 times more expensive than normal toothpaste (based on ingredients it should be cheaper), stopped my gingivitis / long time bleeding gums in less than a week. There are a lot of studies linking oral health/gingivitis to cardiac health problems which is why I was worried about the consequences of swollen bleeding gums. Also a lot of studies on the importance of the oral microbiome/gut biome and should not be sanitizing it with a toxic by-product of the aluminum industry...Fluoride...or antibiotics in the case of the gut..crazy that governments put a toxic chemical like Fluoride in the water supplies to start but definitely don't need your kids brushing and swallowing anymore of this IQ depletor. It does not foam up like normal toothpaste but leaves teeth feeling clean....Highly recommend this product.


  • I purchased this for my grandson he has gum issues. He told me he could feel the difference. So much so, he's now ordering this for himself. And that is no small feat, due to the price. He is very frugal and would never buy a toothpaste at this price if it didn't help him, trust and believe that.


  • This tooth paste is a prebiotic developed by a dentist. If your mouth isn't the proper balance of healthy bacteria it can't be healthy. this is not poison like other brands and can and I believe should be swallowed. My teeth have never been whiter and my cold sensitivity has greatly been reduced. I highly recommend and love this toothpaste.

    Gerald B.

  • I rate this tooth paste a strong 5. This review is also far from biased. This tooth paste is fantastic. It makes your teeth/tongue/mouth feel extremely clean. When the paste hits your tongue, one instantly tastes a vibrant flavor equivalent to orange cream love! I read on a review prior to purchasing this product that one can even swallow the paste. I experimented and it is indeed edible. In fact I truly think it assists with cleaning out bacteria within the human body as I this tooth paste has qualities other tooth paste doesn't have. Although the tube is small, the price is worth it because the paste is awesome. Must buy.


  • This is a non-fluoride toothpaste, which is not the reason I bought it. I actually wanted a fluoride toothpaste but didn't want one that was the standard minty flavor. This toothpaste is really tasty and doesn't overwhelm your mouth. You do have to use a good amount of the toothpaste in order to make it last for all your teeth. I use an electric toothbrush that takes two minutes to go through it's cycle. By the time I'm on the fourth and last quadrant there isn't much toothpaste left. That's probably because this toothpaste doesn't foam up, or maybe because of the cleaning agent (silica). I had my quarterly dental cleaning yesterday and the hygienist noted an improvement overall, and i haven't made any change other than going from a major brand minty toothpaste to this toothpaste, so I think that's a sign this toothpaste is working for me.

    Patrick Henry

  • I purchased this for my grandson he has gum issues. He told me he could feel the difference. So much so, he's now ordering this for himself. And that is no small feat, due to the price. He is very frugal and would never buy a toothpaste at this price if it didn't help him, trust and believe that.


  • I purchased this to balance the microflora in my mouth. So far it seems to be doing its job. White tongue is gone (too much yeast can cause this) and cavity pain is gone (bacteria causes cavities). Caution, this doesn't foam so its a little weird when you first start using and you may be tempted to over do the paste but it isn't going to foam, and that's just fine. It works nonetheless.


  • Expensive YES but as promised....better gum health within a week! Wish it came in Mint flavor but willing to go with he Orange for better gum health! :o) I just ordered a 3 pack so my whole family will be using it now!


  • My daughter's dentist told us about this toothpaste. She told us that this toothpaste helps make the teeth stronger because of it's ingredients and it's safe to swallow because the ingredients are safe. That's a big plus for me, because my daughter is still learning to brush her own teeth and she still getting used to spitting toothpaste out. If it tastes good, she will eat it too. I've caught her eating the toothpaste once or twice. But I just love how it's helping her teeth become stronger. My daughter still hates brushing her teeth but as soon as I put the toothbrush in her mouth with the toothpaste, she stops fighting me cause she loves the taste. LOL!!

    Maria A

  • I've been looking for a non-fluoride toothpaste that is also good for sensitive teeth. After buying one brand that tasted horrible (peroxide based), I decided to give this a try. Wow, I'm I glad I did. Pros: Taste great, unique flavor awesome ingredients - tangerine oil!, no problems with sensitive teeth, ok if swallowed, pre-biotic and vitamins Cons: Not very frothy, a bit pricey (but worth it) Undetermined: Not sure how good it is at whitening. I drink a lot of tea so my teeth are pretty hard to keep white


  • This is a very good product. I have been searching for a good toothpaste ever since I heard how dangerous regular toothpastes are for our health. This is one of the best product I have ever tried.

    Shazia khan

  • My teeth feel clean and polished after using the Revitin toothpaste. The taste is great! I was worried about the price but my whole family loves it, my kids are 6&8. Now I can buy only 1 toothpaste for the family and know that is is nourishing for our mouths and bodies. I feel great knowing we are using such a great product for our health.

    Cynthia Mancinelli

  • I’ve reordered this product a couple of times. If you want a really high quality toothpaste, this is the one for you!

    Bryan M

  • Might just be my new favorite toothpaste. I was worried how this would taste, and it tastes great! Very orangey, and not like the artificial orange taste either but a nice natural flavor. My kids seem to really like it too and I love all the good ingredients. Will definitely order again!


  • I really like this toothpaste and like that it is clean without nasty ingredients like the commercial tooth paste and it taste good and cleans my teeth well . Plus it has such healthy ingredients for healthy gums and teeth! Highly recommend this as does my holistic dentist who introduced me to this product.